Old Gadgets I Still Use

Hey, everyone. I like to think I'm pretty up-to-date in the world of tech, but there are some cases where older devices simply do some things better. So, I thought I'd show off that my older gadgets are still going strong. Let's begin!

Pebble Watches

I own a lot of Pebble smartwatches. Despite being off the market for years, it's no secret that I adore these geeky little gadgets. Excellent battery life, super-readable displays, and fun software are what make Pebble watches irreplaceable for me. In fact, I wrote a whole post about them last summer.


I've also written about iPods before on this blog, and one of my most popular posts was about modding an iPod. Not only do these nifty music players sync flawlessly with my Mac, but they also are really intuitive and have tons of sentimental value for me. After all, I quite literally grew up using these things. As a result, I plan to keep using iPods for many years to come.

Palm PDAs

More recently, I've also gotten back into using Palm PDAs. I have a few, but my favorite is likely the Palm TX that I acquired about a month ago. It has a big color display, WiFi, Bluetooth, and the delightful Palm OS. It may have been introduced in the 90s, but Palm OS is still lots of fun to mess around with and use today. Reading ebooks, taking notes, playing games, and managing calendar events are all a blast on these things. Seriously, Palms are awesome.

Old Cameras

Finally, I still enjoy using old cameras from time to time. I wrote about my Kodak Cameo film camera a while back, but I also have a neat little Polaroid instant camera that I got last summer. Due to the cost of film, I don't use old cameras as much as perhaps I would like to, but like everything else on this list, they add some unique flavor to my tech bag. Whatever the hell that means... Anyway, thanks for reading.

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