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2 Incredible Works of Art

Have you ever wondered what it would look like if someone shrank to be the size of a hamster or grew to be the size of a giant? Me neither. So, here are some photos I edited that answer this burning question no one was asking. Shrunken Sage Birdhouse in Your Soul -esque Giant Sage And yes, I'm self-aware enough to know these pictures are terrible... But terrible in an awesome way! ;)

Photoshop AI is Awesome

Hey, everyone. As overhyped as AI is, it can be pretty neat sometimes. Photoshop introduced generative AI features a while back, but I didn’t really mess around with them much until now. The results are a mixed bag, but some of them are genuinely impressive. The others are just funny. Take a look: I have regrets. I think this one is actually really cool. Uh, don’t look too closely at this one. If you know, you know, and I promise this was unintentional. Whoa! You can see reflection of the subject I photographed in the AI-generated water! That’s super neat. The reason I say Photoshop AI is awesome is because it lets me use photos I take and make them extremely unhinged with barely any effort. I don’t plan to showcase AI-altered photos on my main site, as I feel like that’s kind of disingenuous when sharing my photography, but don’t be surprised if I post more of them on the blog. Anyway, thanks for reading.

Weird Cars I (Really) Want

Hey, y’all. Today, we’re talking about cars again. Good thing they’re super neat! This time, we’re going to discuss 5 exceedingly strange cars that I want to own. I should clarify that these cars were not necessarily ugly or strange at the time they were released, but they’re not particularly pleasant to look at or own now. So, let’s dive in. Fiat 126 This car is absolutely abysmal. It’s been covered by a lot of big YouTube channels , and it is so ridiculously underpowered that I can’t help but admire it. Having 2 cylinders in a “proper” car is hilarious to me, and I would love to see how terrible the acceleration is. I also enjoy how basic and barren the interior is and that the engine is located in the back. You can tell that this car was not made for Americans. I know that it’s probably a very deadly ride, but I want a 126 regardless. There’s no helping it. The desire will not go away. Is friend. PT Cruiser Convertible To begin, I am not a Chrysler fan… or a PT Cruiser fan. That sai

3 Great iPods to Purchase in 2024!

Hey, folks! Over the last few years, iPod modding has grown to be incredibly popular. There are tons of cool aftermarket parts and a thriving community of enthusiasts who keep these music players alive. The problem? Prices have gone up exponentially! The later iPod Classics have become extremely desirable, and now it's hard to get one at a compelling price. As a result, I have compiled this list of three iPod options that are often overlooked and offer excellent value. Refurbished iPod Nanos It's no secret that restoring iPod Nanos is nothing short of a nightmare. These devices are so compact that they require expert repair skills to even swap out the battery. Thankfully, people with these skills exist! Many people put new batteries in iPod Nanos and sell them on eBay for as low as $25. Quality varies, so you'll want to verify that the seller has good feedback. Do your homework, and you can get an excellent deal. Aside from the risk associated with buying someone else's