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New calculators for Palm OS!

New calculators for Palm OS! 7/31/2019   I have introduced two new Palm OS apps today: Circumference and Triangle Calculator! The first program may sound familiar, as its Windows counterpart has been around for a while now. The latter is exclusively available for Palm OS. If you want to learn more about the two new programs, be sure to check out the  Palm OS Apps  page. Enjoy!

Tectra Weekly Update - 7/30/2019

Tectra Weekly Update - 7/30/2019 7/30/2019   The Weekly Update is back! For now... we'll see if I can consistently release it from here on out. ​ This is an exciting week for Tectra! A lot of things have happened. We have released an update for one of my programs and started developing apps for a new platform. Keep reading to learn more! ​ Writer Mobile Updates Tectra Writer Mobile v1.3 has been released! It now includes more file formats that you can open and save in. Pretty handy!  Check it out ​ I am now making Palm OS apps! I recently received a Palm m105 in the mail. That got me thinking: what if I wrote applications for it? After hours of work, I have released our first Palm OS program. Nice!  Check it out

Introducing Writer Mobile

Introducing Writer Mobile 7/27/2019   I have released a few programs for Pocket PCs over the last few weeks. There is Secret Message, a fun little program that Windows Mobile Fans will enjoy. There's also Easy Clock, a program that lets you view the  exact  time on your PDA. The latest addition to the Pocket PC software page is very exciting. I have made a mobile version of Tectra Writer! Tectra Writer Mobile is a simple word processor for Windows Mobile Devices. What sets it apart from its competition is its ability to save in 10 different file formats. ( view the list ) This makes Writer Mobile great for coding on the go. It also has several useful built-in features that improve the writing experience, such as a word count. Tectra Writer Mobile is available for download  here . Enjoy! A screenshot of Tectra Writer Mobile.

New update for Cello Browser

New update for Cello Browser 7/26/2019   Cello Browser has received a new update! Version 1.4 introduces quite a few neat features that improve the browsing experience.  What's new: New design:  The most notable upgrade in this update is Cello's exciting new flat design! It's simple and easy to use, just like the old one. More preferences:  Cello now lets you customize your browsing experience to a further degree. You can decide if the window location and/or selected font should be saved when you exit. Pretty handy! Bug fixes:  We are still destroying those annoying bugs! Version 1.4 of the Cello Browser may be an incremental upgrade, but it brings a few nice features to the table. Don't worry; I have some big plans for Cello. Stay tuned so you don't miss them! You can get the latest version of Cello  here . Thanks for reading and have a good day!

Introducing GoFrench!

Introducing GoFrench! 7/24/2019   My mother -- who is a French teacher -- mentioned two of her favorite resources for students one day. They were  WordReference  and  Linguee . She explained that WordReference gave better definitions for words while Linguee provided better definitions for terms or multiple words. That got me thinking: what if I made a website that sent a user to either source depending on what they wrote? For single words, it would direct you to WordReference. For terms or multiple words, it would send you to Linguee. GoFrench is the website mentioned above, and functions just like it was described. As a student, I know that many of my peers are fond of things that are easy. GoFrench provides the best definition for a word without having to dig too much. Much of the process is automated, something that students will find helpful. GoFrench is free, and always will be. There are no ads whatsoever. This is because I want this to be a simple, easy-to-use tool that does not

I am now making Pocket PC software!

I am now making Pocket PC software! 7/18/2019   Hello everyone! I just released my first Windows Mobile program. I am aware that Windows Mobile and PDAs are more or less obsolete. However, there are many people who enjoy these old devices, including me. For this reason, I will occasionally be releasing software for PDAs. This won’t become Tectra’s primary focus. It will just be an occasional thing. I hope you enjoy my  first program , which is now available for download. Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

Huge update for Tectra Writer

Huge update for Tectra Writer 7/15/2019   On paper, version 1.7 of the Tectra Writer may seem like yet another incremental upgrade. However, this is not the case. Version 1.7 introduces many exciting new features that enhance the user experience. What's new Numbered lines:  Tectra Writer now has numbered lines! This feature is optional but can be beneficial if one is programming. The Tectra Writer file:  This is a proprietary file type that saves the text you have written and the selected font. It is somewhere in between plain text and rich text files if you find that helpful. Text-to-image:  You can now convert the text you have written into an image. Pretty handy! Save improvements:  This update improves the save feature in many ways. Theme improvements:  Tectra Writer's 3 built-in themes look a lot nicer now! Writer also remembers the theme you last selected. You won't have to set it every time you start the program anymore. Toggle word count visibility:  You can easily

How to open previous drawings in Lynx

How to open previous drawings in Lynx 7/11/2019   Lynx does not have an official way to open previous drawings yet. However, there is a way to do it. Keep reading to learn how. The steps: ​​ Draw your picture. Save it. Open a photo editor and crop out every part of the screenshot that is not part of your drawing. Create a new drawing in Lynx. Set the canvas background  in Lynx as your edited picture. Keep drawing from where you left off. This is not the perfect solution. However, it is the best way to save your work in Lynx. I hope you found this tip useful. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Office Cleanup Day

Office Cleanup Day 7/11/2019   Today is one of  those days  at Tectra. It’s Office Cleanup Day. As the name suggests, this is the day when we make the headquarters look nice and fancy by cleaning up the area. Anastasia and I will work together to make the office more presentable. I will post some pictures of the finished result on  our Twitter page . Stay tuned for more software! I have some pretty big plans for ClipIMG and Satin Web, so stay tuned!

Introducing PDF Merger

Introducing PDF Merger 7/3/2019   Introducing PDF Merger, a program that lets you combine multiple PDF files! Many programs that let you do this cost money, but PDF Merger is completely free. It features a beautiful flat design that is very easy to use. It is fast, efficient, and robust. If you want to check it out,  click here . I hope you enjoy PDF Merger and have a great day!