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PassLab for Android just got a new update!

PassLab for Android just got a new update! 3/27/2020   Hello, everyone! PassLab for Android is pretty awesome, but there are always improvements to be made. As a result, I have released a new update for it. New features include improved password generation, a dark theme, and bug fixes. I have included a screenshot of the new dark theme below. I think it looks really nice! If you're interested in getting the new version of PassLab, it is available for download on  Google Play . Enjoy! Thanks for reading, and have an awesome day! The new dark theme looks super cool!

QuickLinks v1.1 is here!

QuickLinks v1.1 is here! 3/24/2020   Hi, everyone! Lately, I've been working on some of my old Windows programs that haven't been updated in a while. As a result, I have decided to release an update for QuickLinks. Version 1.1 doesn't add a ton of new features. Rather, it focuses on perfecting the current ones. Keep reading to learn more! What's new: I have made it a lot easier to  create definition files  in QuickLinks. Making definition files is now a breeze! This update improves the user interface in a pretty major way. For example, I have updated the  color scheme  to be more friendly and inviting. Nice! I have added a new tab in the main user interface that helps you identify errors you may encounter when using QuickLinks. Pretty handy! Bug fixes. Lots of them. I have made a number of other small improvements that I'll let you discover for yourself! This update might seem kind of minor, but it actually is very important. I have vastly improved the stability and

Cello Browser just got a huge update!

Cello Browser just got a huge update! 3/22/2020   Greetings, everyone! Up until now, I have always viewed Cello Browser as being a pretty minor project. However, this has changed with the release of Cello Browser v1.5. This update introduces several exciting new features. Keep reading to learn more! What's new: From IE to CEF:  Good news! Cello Browser is no longer based on Internet Explorer. It is now powered by the Chromium Embedded Framework! All of this browser jargon essentially means that Cello is going to be a lot faster and more reliable. Internet Explorer is being phased out by many websites these days, so I think it's a good thing that Cello is now based on a more powerful and reliable engine. Dark mode:  Dark mode shouldn't come as a surprise addition to Cello Browser. After all, it's an important new trend in software design. Cello's new dark mode is sleek and pitch black. I think you'll like it! More controls:  Back, forward, and reload are now here

A small update for PDF Toolbox...

A small update for PDF Toolbox... 3/18/2020   Hello, everyone. I am writing this short blog post to inform you that a small update for PDF Toolbox has been released. It is known as version 1.3.1. It fixes a few bugs and improves a few elements of the user interface. The changes in this update are minor but important. You can download the latest version of PDF Toolbox  here . Enjoy!

Octua 16 has been released, and it's epic!

Octua 16 has been released, and it's epic! 3/17/2020   I'm just going to cut to the chase. Octua 16 is the biggest update that the program has ever seen. I have added countless features, fixed a  ton  of bugs, and have improved the user interface in a major way. In this post, I will go over all of the changes that I have made to Octua. (that I can remember) I think this is going to be pretty exciting! What's new: Darker UI:  I have made the user interface a bit darker.  It's not a  genuine dark mode, but it's still awesome. New font, larger menus:  I have increased the size of the tools menu and changed the main font from Open Sans to Verdana. History:  Octua now saves your history. It logs your visited sites and saves them in a text file, which you can view or remove at any time. Identity change:  Google doesn't allow embedded Chromium browsers to sign into accounts anymore. As a result, Octua now pretends to be Firefox to avoid this issue. It's not the mos

Lynx Go v1.1 has been released!

Lynx Go v1.1 has been released! 3/15/2020   Greetings, everyone! I have some good news... Lynx Go v1.1 is here! This update adds one huge new feature: the commands box. You can now track your drawing’s progress with this helpful tool! If you’ve ever used the online or Windows version of Lynx, you’ll know that the commands box is really cool. It’s awesome that you can now use it on mobile devices! As always, Lynx Go is available for download  here . In other news, I have begun working on a new project. I have a dead iPod 5th generation (Video) that I’m going to revive! I’ve included a photo of my progress so far. If I’m lucky, I’ll have an operating iPod Video (again) by next week. Stay tuned for more updates! I hope enjoyed today’s post! Thanks for reading, and have a good day.

THRZ Finder for Wear OS has been released!

THRZ Finder for Wear OS has been released! 3/13/2020   Hello, everyone! I just released THRZ Finder for Wear OS. If you have wanted to find your target heart rate zone or maximum heart rate on your Wear OS smartwatch, now you can! If you want to check THRZ Finder out,  click here . Enjoy!

Tectra Weekly Update - 3/10/2020

Tectra Weekly Update - 3/10/2020 3/10/2020   Hello, everyone! This has been a busy week for Tectra! I released Lynx Go and PyCalc, both of which were pretty major projects. While this week isn’t looking quite as exciting, there are a lot of cool things coming up soon. Keep reading to learn more! THRZ Finder for Wear OS The first thing I plan to do is release the Wear OS version of THRZ Finder, as it is nearly done. I just need to do a bit more debugging and create the Play Store listing. Stay tuned for its release! Lynx Go Update Lynx Go is pretty great. However, I think it can be even better! I hope to add the commands box to Lynx Go, similar to the desktop and online versions. I’ll keep you posted! Surprise Update! Finally, I want to release a new update for one of my programs. My hint to you is that it is a program for Windows that hasn't been updated in a while. You can guess which app I’m going to update in the comments below! The Conclusion This week is already looking really

Very important bug fix for PyCalc!

Very important bug fix for PyCalc! 3/5/2020   Hello, everyone. I am deeply sorry about the launch issues with PyCalc. However, all problems have been fixed in version 1.1. You will need to install MathLib.prc first before you can install PyCalc.prc. Once again, I am extremely sorry about the problems. Thankfully, I have solved them. Thanks for reading, and enjoy version 1.1!

PyCalc has been released!

PyCalc has been released! 3/5/2020   Hello, everyone! Lately, I have been working hard on PyCalc, a Pythagorean Theorem calculator for Palm OS. It can solve for the legs and hypotenuse of a triangle. You can also choose how far PyCalc rounds the final result. If you're interested in checking it out,  click here . I hope you like it! A few notes: ​I plan on submitting PyCalc to PalmDB soon. I tested PyCalc on a Palm m105 running Palm OS 3.5 and it worked perfectly. If you have any problems, feel free to  send me an email . Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Updates on my new Palm OS app

Updates on my new Palm OS app 3/5/2020   Greetings, everyone! Yesterday, I posted a "totally" subtle hint on Twitter about my new Palm OS app. However, if you missed that, I’ll explain what I’m working on in today’s blog post! First and foremost, the app I’m working on is a Pythagorean Theorem calculator called PyCalc. (not to be confused with Python) Anyway, this calculator can solve for the hypotenuse or legs of a triangle. You can also choose how far the result is rounded. It’s really neat! PyCalc should be released very soon. Stay tuned for more updates! The photo I shared on Twitter.