Octua 16 has been released, and it's epic!

Octua 16 has been released, and it's epic!


I'm just going to cut to the chase. Octua 16 is the biggest update that the program has ever seen. I have added countless features, fixed a ton of bugs, and have improved the user interface in a major way. In this post, I will go over all of the changes that I have made to Octua. (that I can remember) I think this is going to be pretty exciting!
What's new:
  • Darker UI: I have made the user interface a bit darker.  It's not a  genuine dark mode, but it's still awesome.
  • New font, larger menus: I have increased the size of the tools menu and changed the main font from Open Sans to Verdana.
  • History: Octua now saves your history. It logs your visited sites and saves them in a text file, which you can view or remove at any time.
  • Identity change: Google doesn't allow embedded Chromium browsers to sign into accounts anymore. As a result, Octua now pretends to be Firefox to avoid this issue. It's not the most elegant solution, but it works pretty well.
  • Find: You can now find text on websites.
  • Save images: Octua can now save images.
  • Copy link address: You can also copy link addresses now to your clipboard.
  • Bug Fixes: I have squashed a lot of bugs. Octua works much better now. Hooray!
Whew... that was a long list of changes and new features. The crazy thing is that I didn't even cover everything in this update! I left out a few minor things in the interest of keeping this post relatively short.
This update has been very time-consuming to make, but it was worth it. Writing Octua 16 was a lot of fun!  As a result, I really hope you like it. I think the new version of Octua is pretty epic!
If you want to check out the new version of Octua, click here. Thanks for reading, and have a lovely day!

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