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Dice Roller Pro for Palm OS

Hi, everyone! When I was in middle school (and this blog was still fairly new), I created several Palm OS apps. Two of these were a simple dice roller and an even simpler random number generator. Neither of these apps was terribly useful, but they did pave the way for my newest Palm app. Introducing Dice Roller Pro! This is a much more sophisticated dice roller app, featuring the ability to roll multiple dice at once with up to 9 of each. I've also introduced the option to add a custom die (2-999 sides) if you're not content with the 7 included presets.  I've included an upgraded random number generator in the package, too! Simply click on the "Rand Num Gen" option in the app menu, and you're good to go! If you're playing D&D or need to make that big decision based on a random number, Dice Roller Pro might just be the app for you! You can check it out here .

Quick TuneSmith Update

Yesterday, I released TuneSmith, a new Palm OS app that I made. I woke up this morning feeling inspired, so I decided to make a pretty major update to it. The result is version 1.1, which adds notes to keys for a more intuitive experience and updates sounds to be closer to a real instrument. It’s pretty neat, and you can download it over on GitHub if you’re interested. Enjoy!

Revisiting Palm Development!

Greetings, everyone! I've become very interested in Palm OS devices again, and I've felt the urge to start developing some new apps for them. So, I finally found time to write the first Palm app I've made in years! I had to get reacquainted with NSBasic, my IDE of choice, but it didn't take too long. After I got back into the swing of things, I had the app ready in no time! This nifty little application is called TuneSmith. It's a musical keyboard app that lets you make simple tunes on your Palm OS device. You can change the duration, volume, and tone of the keys. It's really fun, and it works on pretty much any Palm out there. You can go ahead and grab TuneSmith from its GitHub  page. Have fun, but not too much fun!