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Retro Month 2021 is now over. Here's what's next!

Hey, everyone! At the time I'm writing this, there is only one day left in May. As a result, I think it's safe to say that the "Retro Month" event that took place this month has now reached its end. It's been a pretty exciting May, but with any luck, the coming months should be even better! So, let's get started. A Quick Recap: Before I go into my plans for the upcoming days, weeks, and even months, I feel that a quick Retro Month recap is in order. It all started with a PreBook update, which mainly focused on further improving the app's user interface. Then, it was time for a much-needed PreMail update. This essentially brought it up to date with PreBook, which was the app it was originally based on. Additionally, I decided to finally make it open source. After that, I switched gears and released my first Pebble app: a version of Compliment Moi. Lastly, I released an update for the Pebble version of Compliment Moi that introduced color to the app just a f

A Quick Violoncello for Android Update

Hey, everyone! I know it's Retro Month, and yes, I probably should be mainly working on retro stuff. However, I have decided to release a small but important update for the Android version of Violoncello that should hopefully make the app even better! So, here's what's new in v1.6.6: The page info box can now be accessed by tapping on the page title in the top left corner. Made a number of tweaks and improvements to the UI. Introduced some helpful info on the homepage to help new users get started! As always, you can get the latest and greatest version of Violoncello from the Play Store . Enjoy!

Compliment Moi for Pebble just got more colorful!

Hi, everybody! I just wanted to share that I have released a pretty minor Compliment Moi for Pebble update that introduces some color to the app. I was waiting to add this until I got my Pebble Time, and now that I have it, I can safely say that I think it turned out pretty well! Anyway, I hope you like version 1.2, and you can download it here .

My first Pebble app is here!

Hey, everyone! Today, I have some very exciting news. My first Pebble app has been released! Better yet, not only is it something pretty unique, but it also should be pretty familiar to those who have been following my blog and site for a little while. That's because this app is an all-new Pebble version of Compliment Moi! While it shares a bit in common with its iOS and Android counterparts, this new version of Compliment Moi also has many unique elements. For example, since no Pebble watch has a camera on it, it does not take a photo of you. Additionally, you won't be finding specific compliment lists in this version of the app, as I wanted to keep it fairly simple. However, how this version really differentiates itself is that it doesn't necessarily always compliment you. No, I'm not saying I've added insults now. Rather, I have also added some words of encouragement into the mix since I feel like that makes the app more helpful. To be clear, there are still a to

Palm Month is now Retro Month

Hi, everyone! After some careful consideration, I've decided that Palm Month is now going to be called "Retro Month" and will involve me developing all sorts of retro platforms, not just the ones made by Palm. This is mainly because I recently purchased a really neat retro device that I decided I wanted to try developing for: the Pebble Smartwatch. This led me to making this decision, and while I'm sad to see the Palm Month tradition end, I'm looking forward to the remainder of the new "Retro Month" and my first foray into Pebble development!

PreMail v1.1 is finally here!

Hey, everyone! As you may remember, last Palm Month, I released a little Gmail app for webOS that was based off of PreBook called PreMail. However, it hasn't really seen any updates since then. So, now that Palm Month 2021 is here, I've decided to do something about that and finally release a new update for it! Here's what's new in PreMail v1.1: Open Source: First and foremost, PreMail's code is now open source! You can check out its GitHub repository to learn more. Improved UI: If you've checked out the latest version of PreBook, PreMail's updated and improved UI will be familiar. PreMail does have some UI differences from its Facebook counterpart, but they do have lot in common. Updated Guide: The basic mobile site for Gmail does have some quirks on webOS, so ever since its release, PreMail has featured a handy little user guide. In this update, it has been revamped to be more helpful! Auto-Updater: Like PreBook, PreMail is now available in the webOS App

PreBook v1.6.1 has been released!

Hey, everyone. To start off Palm Month, I have released yet another PreBook update! Once again, I have teamed up with codepoet80  to do so. This time, we've refreshed the UI, fixed some bugs, and have made PreBook even better than it was before! What's new: This update makes a ton of improvements to the user interface! Many menus and icons have been updated, and navigation controls are now arranged better. Two new quick actions have been added that let you easily view your friends list and profile page! Code refinements. Many bug fixes and small tweaks. As you can see, PreBook v1.6.1 definitely makes some exciting improvements and additions to the app, especially to its user interface! Overall, I'd say it's a pretty exciting update, and you can download it today from the PreBook GitHub page . Enjoy! Here's a screenshot from version 1.6.1!

This May is Palm Month 2021

Happy May, everyone! While May is generally a good month by itself, especially when compared to the ones immediately before it, it's also one of my favorite months of the year for another reason. Originally started in 2020, this May will continue the tradition of Tectra Palm Month! What is it? Basically, Palm Month is an event that takes place in May every year, in which I mainly focus on making software for Palm OS and webOS. It's becoming a tradition now, and it's definitely a fun break from the usual projects! When does it start? Unfortunately, Palm month likely won't start until a few days from now. My laptop's AC adapter decided to break last night, so now I have to buy a new one. It should hopefully be here soon, but until then, I won't be able to use my Windows laptop. Anyway, I'm excited to see how this Palm Month goes! As always, keep an eye out for more updates, and with any luck, I'll be able to get to work sooner rather than later.