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ClipTxt v1.5 is here!

ClipTxt v1.5 is here! 4/23/2020   Hello, everyone! I am excited to announce that I have released yet another update for ClipTxt. This update, known as version 1.5, introduces a ton of exciting new features! These include the ability to track your clipboard history, a new user interface, and more. I have also fixed a few bugs in this update. I have included some screenshots of the new UI below. ​ As you can see, the new user interface looks pretty great! I'm very happy with how it turned out. ClipTxt v1.5 is available for download on  Google Play . I hope you like it!

Goodbye, Tectra Auto Clicker

Goodbye, Tectra Auto Clicker 4/21/2020   I had a hard time creating this post. However, I think that it’s for the best I go through with this. I have decided to discontinue the Tectra Auto Clicker. ​ How come? Well, it’s pretty clear that the Tectra Auto Clicker is long past its prime. It lacks features, has a number of annoying quirks, and its code is quite messy. I am aware that these issues could be fixed in an update, but I don’t really see the point. Of all the projects I have, the Tectra Auto Clicker is probably the least exciting to me. With that being said, I still have a lot of nostalgia for my little auto clicker. In a way, it was kind of the first modern Tectra program. After several months of inactivity, it was the first program I wrote for Windows in 2019. Following its release, I was motivated to work on Tectra once again. I would later create Lynx, ClipIMG, and many other programs that are still available today. For these reasons, I'm glad I created my little auto cl

PodStream is here!

PodStream is here! 4/20/2020   Greetings, everyone! Today, I have some very exciting news. PodStream has been released! This is a program that lets you use some of your old iPod's features that are no longer supported in iTunes, such as contacts and calendars. PodStream makes it easy to do all of these things and more! The Creation I love iPods. When I was in fifth grade, my father gave me an iPod 5g Video, iPod Classic 7th generation, and iPod Touch 4th generation. When I received these devices, I was amazed by just how cool they were. I used these iPods very frequently over the next few years. As a result, they quickly became some of my favorite devices of all time. However, I eventually lost interest in them, as my iPod 5g Video and Classic both eventually broke. However, I started getting interested in iPods again when I discovered a YouTuber named  DankPods . He inspired me to fix my old iPod 5g Video and to buy an iPod Nano 5th generation. As I experimented with these devices

Which devices are compatible with PodStream?

Which devices are compatible with PodStream? 4/19/2020   Greetings, everyone! With the release of PodStream just over the horizon, I thought I'd share a list of the iPods that are compatible with it. I hope you find this helpful! Key: Green:   device is supported Red:   device is not supported iPod Models All supported iPods must be Windows formatted. Classic Nano Mini iPod 1st gen Nano 1st gen Mini 1st gen iPod 2nd gen Nano 2nd gen Mini 2nd gen iPod 3rd gen Nano 3rd gen   iPod 4th gen (Monochrome) Nano 4th gen   iPod 4th gen (Photo) Nano 5th gen   iPod 5th/5.5 gen (Video) Nano 6th gen   iPod Classic 6th/7th gen Nano 7th gen   No iPod Touch or iPod Shuffle is supported by PodStream. ​ ​I have tested PodStream with an iPod Nano 5th generation and an iPod 5g Video. However, PodStream should work with all of the supported models above.

Tectra Weekly Update - 4/13/2020

Tectra Weekly Update - 4/13/2020 4/13/2020   Hello, everyone! Welcome back to the Tectra Weekly Update! I apologize for not writing a Weekly Update in a while. Due to COVID-19, my schedule has been very weird lately. This week at Tectra is looking to be pretty exciting! Keep reading to learn more. ClipIMG v1.4 A few days ago, I released a small update for ClipIMG that improves its user interface and fixes some bugs. You can check it out  here . ​ Writer Updates I have released a tiny update for Writer known as version 1.3.1. This update adds the ability to open a file in Writer from the file explorer. Pretty handy! This update also fixes some bugs. You can download version 1.3.1 from the  Writer page . ​ Lynx Legacy Editor v2.6 I have finally released a much-needed update for the Lynx Legacy Editor. This update fixes some pretty major bugs, so I'd recommend checking it out. You can get it from the  Lynx page . ​ PodStream News Good news! PodStream is almost complete! I am still wor

2 small updates in 1 day!

2 small updates in 1 day! 4/10/2020   Hello, everyone! I am excited to announce that I have released an update for two of my programs today! These are both pretty minor updates, but they do fix a lot of small bugs and annoyances. ​ The first update I released today was for ClipIMG. This update makes some improvements to the user interface and fixes a couple of pesky bugs. The second update I have published today is for Writer. This update fixes a number of bugs. As a result, Writer works a lot better now! You can find the new updates on the  Writer  and  ClipIMG  pages. Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day!

ComplimentMe just got a new update!

ComplimentMe just got a new update! 4/9/2020   Greetings, everyone! I have some exciting news for those of you who like Star Trek. I have added a Klingon compliment list to ComplimentMe! This list has also been added to the  Wear OS  version of ComplimentMe. Even if you're not a Trekkie, I have some good news! The Android version of ComplimentMe can now read compliments aloud via text to speech. Neat! If you want to try out the new version of ComplimentMe, you can get it on  Google Play . Enjoy!

An update on things...

An update on things... 4/8/2020   Greetings, everyone! You may have noticed that Tectra hasn’t been very active lately. This is partly because I have started working on a new program for Windows called PodStream. It is a very cool project, but it is also very time-consuming to write. If you’re interested in learning more about PodStream, you should check out  this Tweet . I am also in the process of updating ComplimentMe. I am currently waiting for the update to be reviewed and approved by the Google Play team. Problem is, COVID-19 has caused review times to be a lot longer than usual, due to adjusted work schedules at Google. I’ll write a new post when the next version of ComplimentMe is approved and published to Google Play. I apologize for Tectra’s inactivity. However, I have a feeling that things will start to pick up again shortly. Stay tuned for more updates!