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The Laptopman Pebble Face

Hey, everyone! I just made a cool new Pebble watch face, so I thought it could be fun to write a brief post about it. Creating it was not easy for me, as I had to look at lots of documentation and example code, figure out C, and get the Pebble SDK up and running. Despite these challenges, after hours of work, I was finally able to create something I’m proud very of. I present to you: The Laptopman Face. This simple Pebble face shows my signature “Laptopman” avatar and the time. However, if you shake it, the face alternates between your laptop pal and his evil twin, so be careful! Anyway, you can check out the project on  GitHub   or get it from the  Rebble Store . Enjoy!

Various Updates

Hey, everyone. It's been a couple months since I last posted, so I felt that it could be neat to share what's been going on lately. So, here are various updates from my life since my last post, listed in no particular order: Rebbling Again Around this time last year, I discovered my love for Pebble smartwatches. However, as I experienced hardware failure firsthand, I lost interest in these geeky gadgets. A normal person may have called it quits at this point, but I found myself missing the Pebble experience. Long story short, I regained interest and now I have three new Pebbles. Long live Rebble ! Pictured: Pebble Steel, Pebble Time, and Pebble CDs, Cassettes, and Vinyl Ever since I wrote my post about repairing a vintage portable CD player , I've been revisiting physical audio formats. Thus, I've also bought some releases on CD and vinyl, as well as purchased a Sony CFD-S70 boombox to play cassettes. As for said boombox, I have a few thoughts to share. No, the cassette