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Night of the Moss Man

Hey, John here. I recently had to write a spooky story for English 12. The Pharos Tribune was conducting a contest on this topic, and we were required to participate. Upon finishing, I realized that I needed to back up such a fine piece of writing. As a result, I have created this post to immortalize the horrifying tale known as… Night of the Moss Man Ferb Ferguson was an exceptionally wealthy teenager. He had everything, but he took his good fortune for granted. He had a tendency to participate in unwise activities, such as jumping on trains and violating private property. One such property was what appeared to be an abandoned barnyard. It had caught Ferb’s attention, and one fateful night, he decided to visit it. He parked his Challenger and proceeded to trespass on the mysterious property. As the sun set, he explored the barn and the surrounding area. It was when it was completely dark that he heard a horrible noise! It was the sound of metal being crushed! Ferb ran toward the sound

September 2023 Photo Dump

Hey, everyone! It's been a while! I'm glad to say that I am not dead; I have been going to the gym, doing school stuff, and taking a bunch of photos. I recently acquired a Canon Rebel T7, and it should be no surprise that I have been using it a lot lately. I have taken it around my hometown, on a trip to Elk Rapids, Michigan, and to the neighboring town to get some pictures of some friends' cars (2011 Camaro & 2017 WRX). So, for the first new post in forever, I wanted to share some of my favorite recent photos. Sit back, relax, and enjoy! Shot with a Canon Rebel T7. Lenses used: Canon 18-55mm EFS mount lens (the one that comes with the T7) and a Canon 75-300mm lens (EF mount). All pictures were shot in manual mode.