Night of the Moss Man

Hey, John here. I recently had to write a spooky story for English 12. The Pharos Tribune was conducting a contest on this topic, and we were required to participate. Upon finishing, I realized that I needed to back up such a fine piece of writing. As a result, I have created this post to immortalize the horrifying tale known as…

Night of the Moss Man

Ferb Ferguson was an exceptionally wealthy teenager. He had everything, but he took his good fortune for granted. He had a tendency to participate in unwise activities, such as jumping on trains and violating private property. One such property was what appeared to be an abandoned barnyard. It had caught Ferb’s attention, and one fateful night, he decided to visit it. He parked his Challenger and proceeded to trespass on the mysterious property. As the sun set, he explored the barn and the surrounding area. It was when it was completely dark that he heard a horrible noise! It was the sound of metal being crushed! Ferb ran toward the sound with his flashlight, being the rather unintelligent man that he was, and he found his beloved Challenger in an unrecognizable state. It had been compacted into a strange metal heap!

Panicked, Ferb looked around to see what could have possibly done this. Coming to his senses, he realized that he now had to buy two extra Challengers to play it safe. Feeling mildly irritated, Ferb walked away from the remains of his car. He felt an unusual chill, even though the air was perfectly still. Then, in the distance, he saw someone moving. Ferb walked forward and then let out an ear-piercing scream! This mysterious figure was a hideous monster covered in a coat of moss! Its teeth were sharp like a vampire’s fangs, and its brain was sticking out like a zombie. 

Ferb, regaining his composure, asked, “What are you? Some kind of ‘Moss Man?’ I didn’t mean to go on your turf, man.” 

The Moss Man looked at Ferb with a tinge of amusement and growled, “Scram, boy!” 

Ferb replied, “Okay, okay! I’ll leave, and I won’t come back.” The Moss Man simply looked at Ferb with a toothy grin and crazed eyes. 

“You better not, boy,” he said, and he walked away. He had fallen for Ferb’s lie.

The following night, Ferb returned to the not-so-abandoned barnyard with one of his two new Challengers. This time, he had a plan. He had brought the finest weapons he could muster: a baseball bat and a wooden plank with a nail sticking out of it. He walked toward an overgrown area. As he approached, a horrible stench encompassed him, causing Ferb to lose the contents of his stomach. 

When he regained his senses, he came face to face with the malevolent Moss Man! 

“I told you once, boy!” 

Ferb grinned and replied, “I ain’t afraid of no Moss Man!” He took a futile swing at the beast with his bat. 

The wicked Moss Man scowled and snarled, “Boy, I’m gonna eat you and eat you good!” 

Ferb chuckled and said, “Sure, buddy.” 

The Moss Man opened his mouth, letting out the same smell to which Ferb had lost the contents of his stomach. With a gaping mouth, the demonic beast devoured Ferb whole.

Ferb’s disappearance surprised many. His absent parents spent a number of minutes looking for him until deciding to go to a five-star restaurant instead. His teachers were simultaneously relieved and worried about what could have possibly happened to Ferb. Finally, his friends tried to call him to no avail, as the Moss Man had also devoured Ferb’s phone. As time passed, Ferb’s family, teachers, and friends moved on from his disappearance. Eventually, he was presumed dead. His other Challenger was generously donated to a skilled writer of spooky stories, and on October 31, his obituary was published in the Pharos Tribune.

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