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ClipIMG v1.3 has been released!

ClipIMG v1.3 has been released! 9/26/2019   Greetings, everyone! I am pleased to announce that a new version of ClipIMG has been released. This update introduces a lot of handy new features and fixes! Keep reading to see what's new. What's new: View clipboard:  Merges the functionality of the 'view text' and 'view image' buttons. Nice! Save text on your clipboard:  You can now save the text on your clipboard. Stay on top:  Keeps ClipIMG on top of other windows. Other:  I have made some other small tweaks and bug fixes. I hope you enjoy version 1.3! You can check it out at the  ClipIMG page . Thanks for reading and have a good day!

Tectra and Android Development

Tectra and Android Development 9/25/2019   Windows is awesome. However, I feel that I should start writing software for Android. After all, it’s the most popular operating system in the world! As you all probably know, C# is my favorite programming language. When I learned that I could use Xamarin Forms to make Android apps in C#, I was super excited to try it out.  The future of Android development at Tectra is bright! Keep an eye out for more updates regarding my upcoming Android apps. T hanks for reading, and have a great day!

Syndicate has received a new update!

Syndicate has received a new update! 9/22/2019   Hello, everyone. I am excited to announce that Syndicate has received an exciting new update! Version 1.2 of Syndicate makes many improvements to the user interface and adds a few new features. Keep reading to learn more! What's New: Publish date - The date on which a post was published is now displayed. Link - Syndicate now shows the link to a post. Save as text file - You can now save your feeds as text files for offline use. Enter button - The enter button can now be used in certain situations. Delete key - The delete key will now remove feeds. Invalid feed fix - If a feed is invalid, it won't break the program anymore. Small improvements - We have made some other small improvements and bug fixes. That's about it for this version of Syndicate! If you want to try it out, you should visit the  Syndicate page . Enjoy! Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

Satin Web is now Octua

Satin Web is now Octua 9/19/2019   A few days ago, I wrote a post about the future of Satin Web. After careful consideration, I have made a major decision about the future of Satin Web. I’m renaming it to Octua. Why Octua? It sounds cool! It doesn’t have any special meaning really, it’s just a fun name! I would also like to clarify that Octua is still the same program as Satin Web. All the features you love aren't going away. What else is new? I have added a  ton  of new features in this update! Some of them include: New icons:  I have completely replaced all of the icons so the user interface is more consistent. Updated context menus:  I have added some new context menus to the program. Favicon:  You can now easily see a site's favicon. It is shown in the top right corner of the program. Theme:  Octua now remembers your selected theme. Hooray! New homepage:  I have ditched the Satin Web Portal and set Google to the homepage. Bookmarks:  I have added a bookmarks manager. It'

Syndicate v1.1 has been released!

Syndicate v1.1 has been released! 9/12/2019   Syndicate has received a new update! Version 1.1, which is its name, makes some important improvements and adds some cool new features. Keep reading to see what's new! What's new: Text to speech improvements:  Text-to-speech just got a major upgrade! You can now pause and stop it. Very handy indeed! Context menu:  If you right-click in the feeds list, a context menu will appear with some helpful shortcuts. Feed package updates:  When opening a feed package if a feed in the package is already on your list, it won't add it. Bug fixes:  As usual, I have fixed some annoying bugs. I hope you enjoy this update for Syndicate! You can download it from the  Syndicate page . Thanks for reading and have a nice day! A screenshot of the new version.

What happened to Satin Web?

What happened to Satin Web? 9/12/2019   There was a time when Satin Web was Tectra’s main focus. However, nowadays, it’s nowhere to be seen. What happened? The origins of Satin Web date back to a year and a half ago. It was the first major Tectra program to be released. Satin Web got many updates. Over the course of a year, it switched from being based on Internet Explorer to Chromium. It got tabbed browsing. It even received themes. Satin Web was growing up at a rapid pace. It seemed like that it would continue to improve and get updates. However, as we all very well know, this wasn't the case. Updates for Satin Web slowed down to a stagnant pace. It got buried by newer, more exciting software. Satin Web went as quickly as it came. Why did this happen? It mainly boils down to priorities. The Tectra team started focusing on other things, which caused Satin Web to be mostly forgotten. What's next? At this point, you are probably thinking that Satin Web is a thing of the past. Ho

Tectra Writer v2.0 is here!

Tectra Writer v2.0 is here! 9/11/2019   Tectra Writer is awesome, but there's always room for improvement. That's why I have released version 2.0, which introduces several useful new features. Keep reading to learn more about them! What's new: Text to speech:  Tectra Writer now has an advanced text to speech feature built-in! If you have always wanted your word processor to read documents out loud, you'll definitely enjoy this exciting new feature. Tab key:  In previous versions of Writer, you weren't able to use the tab key. Now, you can! Email documents:  You can now easily export your document as an email with one click! Hyperlinks:  If you have a link in your document, it will now open in your browser. Updated icons:  I have updated and added some new icons in the menus. Bug fixes:  I have fixed some small bugs in this update. Yippee! It never fails to amaze me just how much Writer has grown up over the last few months. If you haven't tried it out yet, you t

Introducing Syndicate!

Introducing Syndicate! 9/5/2019   Earlier today, I hinted that there was an exciting new program on the way. Good news: it's here! Syndicate, which is its name, is a simple RSS reader for Windows. It has lots of awesome features, including TTS, feed packages, and a dark theme. If you want to check it out, you can visit the all-new  Syndicate page . Enjoy!