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Dusk Pictures - Jun 29, 2024

Hey, folks. I just wanted to share a few photos I got today at sunset. I used a Canon Rebel T7 with various Canon lenses. In the interest of preserving the dusk colors, these photos have zero edits. I know this isn't exactly a formal photography post, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. :) This one's a little experimental. Incredible colors. This one is delightfully goofy. More incredible colors. This could make a cool desktop wallpaper or something. Very dramatic. More light experimentation in Bulb mode. This is how it looked in real life. It was a fantastic sunset.

Late June Photo Dump

Hi, everyone! It's been a little while since I last posted, but in my defense, I've been rather busy. I got home from Italy, bought a new car, and went to college orientation in the span of less than two weeks! Now that I have a spare moment, I thought I'd share my last few pictures from Italy (taken on my Sony DSC-H90) and some photos I got of my new Corolla (taken on my Canon Rebel T7). Enough talk, here are the pics! Waves (as seen from ferry) Amalfi cathedral This looks like it's out of an old textbook! My new Corolla hanging out with a school bus Nature at Pompei (original) Nature at Pompei (with vignette) Flowers at Pompei Another picture from Pompei Corolla with subtle background blur Beautiful scenery paired with a beautiful car Cool reflections on this one I hope you enjoyed these photos, and stay tuned for more! Until next time.

Venice, Italy - As Seen Through Sony DSC-H90 Digicam

Hey, y’all. Welcome back to the blog. Today, I have some more Italy pictures to share, this time from Venice. Like before, I used my Sony DSC-H90 digicam in manual mode to capture all of these. I did minimal edits, and bear in mind that this camera sometimes struggles with situations with high dynamic range. That said, I’m really happy with how they turned out, so take a gander! Enjoy.

Florence, Italy - As Seen Through Sony DSC-H90 Digicam

Hi, folks. I’m about to leave Florence, Italy, so I thought I’d go ahead share some of the pictures I’ve taken so far. I exclusively used a decade-old Sony DSC-H90 point and shoot for these shots. I like this compact camera because it has a fully manual mode and great optical zoom. Both of these came in handy for the photos below. It also has an high-resolution sensor, so the quality has held up nicely. Enough talk, though… Here are the photos!