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Tectra Writer v1.1 is here!

Tectra Writer v1.1 is here! 3/31/2019   Hello everyone! I just released version 1.1 of the Tectra Writer! This update makes several small improvements. Keep reading to see what's new. What's new: Added some new icons to the menus. Set the default text size to 11. Added more file formats you can open and save files in.

Tectra Weekly Update 3/29/2019

Tectra Weekly Update 3/29/2019 3/29/2019   Hello everybody! I am happy to report that I have recovered from the flu. I've been hard at work programming over the last week, so this will be a pretty exciting weekly update! Weekly Update Updates I have decided to make some changes to the Weekly Update. The Weekly Update will now be posted every Friday, rather than every Wednesday. Additionally, I will be making some small changes to the style of the Weekly Update.  The Tectra Writer Good news! I have released a new program! Meet the Tectra Writer. This is a basic word processor, similar to the Windows Notepad. It is still in its very early stages, but it will be improved in future updates. You can check out the Tectra Writer  here . Lynx 1.7 Lynx 1.7 is here! This update improves upon the design of Lynx, and makes some small, under the hood improvements. You can learn more by visiting the  Lynx page . Circumference calculator version 1.3 I have released version 1.3 of my circumference

Tectra Weekly update 3/20/2019

Tectra Weekly update 3/20/2019 3/20/2019   An unfortunate start to spring break Hey everyone! Welcome back to the Weekly Update. I am officially on Spring break! Unfortunately, I have the flu. Despite this, I've been able to work on some of my programs over the last week. Lynx 1.6 Lynx 1.6 is here! This update introduces some cool features that are worth checking out! What's new: You can now set a custom background image in your drawings! Improved fonts and legibility. ​Various bug fixes. Circumference Calculator 1.2 I have released a small update to my circumference calculator. This update brings some small improvements to the user interface. The Conclusion Thanks for reading this installment in the Tectra Weekly Update! I post new Weekly Updates every Wednesday, so stay tuned. See you next week!

Lynx 1.6 release has been delayed

Lynx 1.6 release has been delayed 3/18/2019   Unfortunately, I have come down with the flu. While Lynx 1.6 is ready to be released, I haven’t felt well enough to upload it to the website. Once I start feeling better, I will release Lynx 1.6. Before I end this post, I would like to mention that Tectra now has a Twitter page. If you want to check it out,  click here .

Circumference Calculator updates

Circumference Calculator updates 3/16/2019   Version 1.1 is here! Hello everybody! I just released version 1.1 of my circumference calculator. This update mainly improves a couple things, so it's not a huge update by any means. However, I would still recommend updating. I hope you enjoy the updated circumference calculator!  Click here  to check it out.

Circumference Calculator

Circumference Calculator 3/15/2019   The Tectra Circumference Calculator Hey everyone! Recently, I’ve been hard at work creating a new program. I wasn’t sure if I would actually end up releasing it, but things seem to have worked out! Meet the Tectra Circumference Calculator! This is a useful tool that lets you find the circumference, area, diameter, and radius of a circle. This is a very handy program, and I’m glad I was able to release it. I didn’t mention this project in the Weekly Update because as previously mentioned, I wasn’t sure if and when I would release it. Anyways, click on the button below to learn more about the Circumference Calculator. I hope you find this program useful. Enjoy! CHECK IT OUT

Tectra Weekly Update 3/13/19

Tectra Weekly Update 3/13/19 3/13/2019   A rather short weekly update... Hello everyone! Welcome back to the Weekly Update! I am not working on very much at the moment, so this will be a pretty short post. Lynx commercial I made a commercial for Lynx and uploaded it to my YouTube channel. It is supposed to be a parody of those cheesy 80s/90s infomercials. You can watch the commercial below. Enjoy! Lynx 1.6 news I am currently working on Lynx 1.6. This update is going to be pretty awesome, so keep an eye out for it! That’s all for now! Unfortunately, there’s not much more to talk about. Thankfully, I plan to start working on some new projects in the near future. Thanks for reading the Weekly Update! See you next week!

Lynx 1.5 has been released!

Lynx 1.5 has been released! 3/11/2019   What's New Good news! Lynx 1.5 is here! This update has added a new feature and made Lynx more stable. I have spent a lot of time creating version 1.5, so please be supportive. What's new: You can now change the pen style In version 1.4, you would get an error message if you weren't connected to the internet. This has been fixed. Various bug fixes.

Satin Web 9 is here!

Satin Web 9 is here! 3/9/2019   It's finally been released! Over the last few weeks, I've been neglecting Satin Web. This is because I have been working a Lynx, which has proven to be very time-consuming. Thankfully, Satin Web 9 is here, and I think that it adds some pretty cool new features that are worth checking out. Search Button Up until now, if you wanted to search Google in Satin Web, you would have to go to You were not able to search through the address bar. Satin Web 9 changes this. Want to search Google from the address bar? Just click the search button! Open files One major feature that Satin Web is missing was an open file button. If you want to open a file, just click on the Tools button, and click open! That's all for now! These are all the major updates in Satin Web 9! I have also made some smaller, under the hood updates, but I don't think those are major enough to mention in this post. If you want to check out Satin Web 9, head over to the 

Very important bug fix for Lynx

Very important bug fix for Lynx 3/9/2019   If you are using Lynx 1.3 or 1.4, then it is very important that update to the latest version of Lynx, version 1.4.1. This update fixes a bug where a line appeared through ellipses and rectangles. This could very easily ruin your drawing. Be sure to upgrade to the latest version if you haven’t already! Version 1.4.1 is available for download on the  Lynx page . A photo of the bug in Lynx 1.3 and 1.4

Lynx 1.4 has been released!

Lynx 1.4 has been released! 3/8/2019   What’s new in version 1.4 Hooray! Lynx 1.4 is here! This update has introduced some handy new features that I hope you like. What’s New: ​Start Page - Lynx now has a start page. News Feed - Look at all the latest news about Lynx. Feedback Button - Give us feedback on Lynx with the feedback button.

Plans for March!

Plans for March! 3/8/2019   My goals for March 2019 It’s March, and I have planned out what I’m going to be doing this month! I would like to put it out there that these are my  goals  for the month. It is not guaranteed that I will achieve all of them, so keep that in mind while reading this post. Lynx Updates I hope to release 1-2 major updates to Lynx this month. Both will be pretty awesome if everything works out as planned! I am currently working on the first update, so stay tuned. Satin Web 9 No, I did not forget about Satin Web. The new version of Satin Web is in the works and is going well. Satin Web 9 should be released in the near future. Auto Clicker Improvements I hope to release a new version of the Tectra Auto Clicker very soon. It will be a minor upgrade, but will still be worth checking out. The Conclusion March will be a busy month, so make sure to check the Tectra Blog frequently to see what is new! Again, I do not know if I will be able to accomplish all of these goa

Tectra Weekly Update 3/6/2019

Tectra Weekly Update 3/6/2019 3/6/2019   Welcome back to the Weekly update! Hello again! This has been a busy week at Tectra. I’ve released a new program, updated Lynx, and discontinued some familiar projects. Keep reading to learn more. ClipIMG Last night, I released a program called ClipIMG. To learn more, you can take a look at the  ClipIMG  page. Lynx 1.3 Lynx 1.3 was released earlier this week. It has introduced one major new feature, which is the commands box. This helps you keep track of what you have been working on. If you want to check it out, head over to the  Lynx  page. Some unfortunate news Earlier in the post, I mentioned that I had discontinued some familiar projects. I’ll explain why below. Goodbye, Ember Defender and Tectra Business Suite It might shock you that I discontinued Ember Defender and the Tectra Business Suite. Unfortunately, it has become quite clear that they are past their prime. They will no longer be updated from now on. That’s all for now! Believe it

Meet ClipIMG

Meet ClipIMG 3/5/2019   Hello, everyone! I have some good news. I have made a new program that is very useful. Introducing ClipIMG, a tool that lets you manage what you have on your clipboard! It's a bit hard to explain, so if you want to learn more,  click here . Overall, ClipIMG has proven to be a very useful tool, so I'd recommend checking it out if you are interested.

Lynx 1.2 is here!

Lynx 1.2 is here! 3/3/2019   Some important updates I am very happy to announce that Lynx 1.2 is here! I have spent hours trying to fix some of the main issues with Lynx, and have succeeded in fixing many of them. Problems Fixed: You can now save your drawings. No more need for Snipping Tool! When you change the background, the program will warn you that you will lose your work. You can now hide the controls if you want.