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New user interface for ComplimentMe!

New user interface for ComplimentMe! 12/28/2019   ComplimentMe is a pretty awesome app. Its only problem is that its user interface could use some work. However, this all changed with one of the most exciting updates to the app yet. What’s new: ​Dark Theme:  We’ve switched to a dark theme to make icons and text pop. It looks really nice. Redesigned Menu:  ComplimentMe now has an updated main menu, which looks very nice. Accent Color:  I’ve updated the accent color to match the logo. You can check out the new UI in the attached screenshot. However, to get the whole ComplimentMe experience, you should  download it . Have fun!

Plans for December

Plans for December 12/13/2019   December is here, and Christmas is only 12 days away at press time! As a result, I have some more spare time than usual, meaning that I have quite a few plans for the rest of the month. Keep reading to learn more about them! My Plans: PDF Toolbox updates:  PDF Toolbox is pretty awesome. However, I feel like the user interface could really use some work. I hope to update it sometime this month. ComplimentMe updates:  I hope to add some more compliments to ComplimentMe if I have time. I might consider making the user interface look a bit nicer too. New Wear OS app:  If I have any spare time after I work on all of my other projects, I will start working on a new Wear OS app. Keep an eye out for that! As you can see, I have a lot of exciting plans this month! To stay up to date, you can follow Tectra on  Twitter . Additionally, if I get enough people to sign up, I'll start the  Tectra Insider Newsletter , which will give subscribers an exclusive look at

Introducing QuickLinks!

Introducing QuickLinks! 12/7/2019   Last Monday, I hinted that a big project was in the works. Today, I am happy to announce that QuickLinks, the latest and greatest Windows program from Tectra, has been released! If you want to easily visit websites with only one click, you'll definitely like QuickLinks. What makes QuickLinks unique is that it lets you add shortcuts to websites in the Window's notification area. This uses up less screen real estate than an icon pinned to your taskbar or a bookmark in your browser. Furthermore, it also lets you store different link profiles depending on your workday, something that makes it superior to the previously mentioned alternative options. You can also use it to start system processes such as the command prompt or calculator. I won't go into great detail on how it works in this post, as the  QuickLinks page  covers all of that. I really hope you like QuickLinks! If you need help getting started, feel free to  send me an email . Than

Something big is coming...

Something big is coming... 12/2/2019   It’s been a little while since I last released a program for Windows. Thankfully, this is about to change. I have a major new project in the works. I think you all will like it a lot, as it is a very handy tool. The only information that I’ll be revealing as of now is that it is called QuickLinks. Stay tuned for more information about this mysterious new program!