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Lynx For Windows has been released!

Lynx For Windows has been released! 2/28/2019   It’s finally here! Hooray! Lynx for Windows is here! I am very pleased with the finished product. You can draw lines, rectangles, and ellipses. I have probably spent around 4 or 5 hours working on it, so I hope that you will enjoy it. Before I finish writing this, I would like to mention that, unfortunately, the save option doesn’t work on Windows XP. It is supposed to open up the snipping tool, but Windows XP doesn’t have the snipping tool. If you want to save your work, here’s what you can do. Press  Alt + Print Screen  on your keyboard. This will take a screenshot of the window and copy it to your clipboard. Paste the screenshot in your word processor. If you are able to, crop the image. Sorry for the inconvenience. I hope to fix this issue soon. Anyways, I hope you enjoy Lynx. Have fun!

Tectra Weekly Update 2/27/2019

Tectra Weekly Update 2/27/2019 2/27/2019   Some exciting news... Yesterday, I talked about Lynx, a Scratch project I am working on. In that post, I mentioned that I might turn Lynx into a program for Windows. Good news! I’m making Lynx a program for Windows. I am happy to report things are going pretty well so far with Lynx for Windows. I can’t provide any screenshots since I’m writing this on my phone. You can expect to see Lynx for Windows in the next week or so. I will write a post when it is released so stay tuned! Also, if you are wondering when Satin Web 9 will be released, I plan to start working on it once I finish the first version of Lynx for Windows.

Draw pictures... using math!

Draw pictures... using math! 2/26/2019   Lynx Lately, I’ve been working on a program on Scratch called Lynx. It uses math to draw pictures. I think that this project has a lot of potential, and I may try turning it into a program for Windows. Why Lynx is worth checking out One of the coolest things about Lynx is that you have a lot of freedom. You can change several settings to make your image unique. Here are some of the reasons why I think Lynx has a lot of potential: ​It’s a lot of fun:  It’s really fun to play around with all of the features in Lynx. It’s interesting to see what you can create:  Many people like to push the limits of things, especially with technology. See what you can create with Lynx! It’s free:  Do I really need to say more? It is useful for education:  If you are learning coordinate graphs, Lynx can help you understand how they work. The Conclusion That’s what I’ve been working on! If you enjoy math and drawing, then you should try out Lynx. Even if you’re not,

Satin Web 8 is coming very soon!

Satin Web 8 is coming very soon! 2/24/2019   Satin Web 8 will be released in the next hour. It doesn't have any major new features, but many changes have been made to make the program look and feel nicer. What's new: Added tooltips to some of the buttons. Added a print button in the tools menu. Added the option to view the page source in the tools menu.

Tectra Weekly Update 2/20/2019

Tectra Weekly Update 2/20/2019 2/20/2019   Welcome back! Hello again! Welcome back to the Tectra Weekly Update! This will be a fairly short update, as there isn't a whole lot of new stuff going on at Tectra. Continue reading to learn about the latest developments with Satin Web. Satin Web Updates Satin Web 7 is going to be released in the next hour. It will introduce a few new features, such as an updated design. What's most exciting about Satin Web 7, though, is that you can finally zoom in on pages. I'm glad that I finally got around to adding zoom because I don't enjoy reading small text. Anyways, there's not a whole lot else to mention here. I've spent most of my time working on Satin Web the last week or so. Be sure to check back next Wednesday for more updates on what we're doing!

Satin Web 6 has been released!

  Satin Web 6 has been released! 2/17/2019   What happened to Satin Web 5? Hey there! We have just released Satin Web 6. But wait, didn't we just release Satin Web 5? Yes, we released Satin Web 5 less than 24 hours ago. However, we had to release Satin Web 6 sooner than anticipated because of an annoying bug. Thankfully, Satin Web 6 has fixed this bug. What's new Added the ability to check for updates. Just click on the tools button and then click "check for updates". Fixed bugs. Want to download Satin Web 6? If so, visit the  Satin Web  page.

Satin Web 5 is here!

  Satin Web 5 is here! 2/16/2019   It's finally here! I am very happy to announce that Satin Web 5 is available for download! This has been a very time-consuming project, as I had to fix a whole lot of bugs. Thankfully, Satin Web 5 is much more stable than Satin Web 4, with only one known bug. This will be fixed with Satin Web 6, which will mainly be a bug fix update. Expect to see version 6 in the next few days. What's new? I have changed quite a few things with Satin Web 5. I've fixed many bugs, changed the design, and perfected tabbed browsing. It's far from perfect, but Satin Web 5 has fixed many of the issues that Satin Web 4 had. If you want to download the new Satin Web,  click here . A screenshot of Satin Web 5.

New headquarters!

New headquarters! 2/14/2019   Time for an office! When I started Tectra, having an office seemed rather pointless. I could just sit down at my desk and work. However, it seems that having an office for Tectra may be useful after all. Creating an office is harder than it looks. You have to find a space that is big enough for your needs. Due to the fact that Tectra is a fairly small company, this was pretty easy. The next step was to convert it into an office. I started out by putting a table and chairs in the room. I got extension cords so we could have an outlet under the table. Then, I got my desk set up with a keyboard, mouse, and monitor. Here’s the final result: Since these photos were taken, I’ve done a lot of tidying up and have made various other improvements to our office. I am very happy with how the office has turned out. It’s a pretty awesome place to work!

Tectra Weekly Update 2/13/19

  Tectra Weekly Update 2/13/19 2/13/2019   Welcome to the Tectra Weekly Update! When I created the Tectra blog, I was hoping to use it as a way to share what’s new at Tectra. Every Wednesday, I will be posting about the latest and greatest things going on at Tectra. Satin Web 5 is in the works! About a month ago, the Satin Web page was taken down. The most recent version of Satin Web, Satin Web 4 introduced a material design, as well as several bugs. Satin Web was in desperate need of a rewrite. As a result, I am rewriting it. I hope to release it sometime in the next few weeks. Stay tuned, as I will post when it has been released! Tectra Network updates Tanner and I have been working hard on improving the Tectra Network. Expect to some new games on the Network soon! If you want to visit the Tectra Network,  click here . The official Tectra mascot! We now have an official mascot. Meet my cat, Pumpkin! She is the only cat on our team, but that could change in future. That’s all for now,

Some sad news...

  Some sad news... 2/12/2019   Nick has officially resigned. Nick has officially resigned from Tectra, due to a lack of interest in what we are working on. Nick helped create Tectra and manage the site. His efforts have helped form Tectra as we know it. Don’t worry, Nick is doing great! 🙂 He’s just moved on to other things. VISIT NICK’S YOUTUBE CHANNEL


Welcome! 2/12/2019   Greetings! Why hello there! Welcome to the Tectra news page. Check here to see all the latest and greatest news from Tectra!