New headquarters!

New headquarters!



Time for an office!

When I started Tectra, having an office seemed rather pointless. I could just sit down at my desk and work. However, it seems that having an office for Tectra may be useful after all.
Creating an office is harder than it looks. You have to find a space that is big enough for your needs. Due to the fact that Tectra is a fairly small company, this was pretty easy. The next step was to convert it into an office.
I started out by putting a table and chairs in the room. I got extension cords so we could have an outlet under the table. Then, I got my desk set up with a keyboard, mouse, and monitor. Here’s the final result:

Since these photos were taken, I’ve done a lot of tidying up and have made various other improvements to our office. I am very happy with how the office has turned out. It’s a pretty awesome place to work!

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