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Photo Dump - Late March 2024

Hi, everyone! I'm currently visiting Elk Rapids, Michigan, so I took the opportunity to get some pictures. I edited them in Photoshop, and I'm pretty proud of the results. Check them out: Bridge with motion blur. Just a twig thing. Green water. Hey, it's me! Used self-timer. Bridge (in color). Lots of shells. I go to seek a great perhaps. Denise by the water. Simple serenity. I've really tried to up my photo editing game lately, and I think it's starting to show. Anyway, I hope you liked these pictures, and thanks for looking!

A Quick Update

Hey, everyone. I last posted around a month ago, so I wanted to share a few updates as to what has been going on since then. So, here are the happenings (in no particular order): The Tech Vault I quietly added this page to my website a few weeks ago. Basically, I share my cool old tech and what I use it for here. Check it out! PreBook 1.7.0 I hadn't updated PreBook in forever, and the auto-updater was no longer working. Thankfully, this has been fixed! There's something highly amusing about using Facebook Messenger on a Palm Pre. ;) Life Updates Lastly, I've been very busy with school until recently. As I mentioned in a previous post, I was in a theater production that consumed a lot of my time. Thankfully, it went well and I now have much more free time. With my senior year of high school wrapping up, I look forward to seeing what this next chapter brings. I also recently acquired a Sony DSC-H90 digicam. This thing is a nugget..... But a cool nugget!