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Tectra Writer v2.2 has been released!

Tectra Writer v2.2 has been released! 11/25/2019   Hello, everyone. I am extremely excited to announce that Writer has received yet another update! Version 2.2 makes some huge improvements to the user interface. Additionally, it adds some cool new features. Keep reading to learn more! What's New: Larger Icons:  I have made the icons on the toolbar bigger to improve readability. It makes a big difference, as Writer now looks and feels a lot nicer. Character Map Shortcut:  Easily access the character map with a new shortcut on the toolbar! Zoom:  Zoom in and out without changing the font size. Updated Icons:  I have changed a few icons to make the user interface look a bit nicer. Bug fixes:  I have fixed a few small bugs and made other small improvements. Hooray! I hope you enjoy version 2.2! I have attached an image of the updated user interface below. If you want to try it out,  click here . I hope you like it!

vtOS v1.1 is here!

vtOS v1.1 is here! 11/23/2019   Yes, you read the title of this post correctly. vtOS has finally received a much-needed update! Version 1.1 introduces a couple of new features that you'll enjoy checking out. It also fixes some bugs. Keep reading to learn more! What's new: Temperature Converter:  You can now easily convert Fahrenheit to Celsius and vice versa with the all-new temperature converter app. Pretty handy! Word Scramble:  Scramble any word you want with the new word scrambler application in vtOS. It's actually a lot of fun! Bug fixes:  I have fixed a few small bugs. I know this isn't the most exciting update. However, I still think you'll like the new features it introduces. If you want to download version 1.1 of vtOS,  click here . Enjoy! Video

Dice Roller for Wear OS just got a new update!

Dice Roller for Wear OS just got a new update! 11/22/2019   Yesterday, I teased a new feature that I was working on for my dice roller app for smartwatches. Good news: you can now try it out! The latest update lets you roll multiple dice at once. (Example: 2d4 or 3d8) If you want to try out Dice Roller for Wear OS,  click here . Expect to see some more Wear OS apps soon!

Roll dice with your Wear OS device!

Roll dice with your Wear OS device! 11/21/2019   Don’t have time or a place to roll dice? If so, you’ll definitely appreciate the latest and greatest app from Tectra if you have a Wear OS device. Dice Roller for Wear OS has lots of neat features that give it an edge over the competition. Take the log feature for example. You can easily track your previous rolls with just a few swipes. You can also make custom dice, a handy feature indeed. Finally, if you want to roll the most common dice with no hassle, you can choose between 6 different preset dice. Fear not, as more features will be coming soon. Perhaps most interestingly, I hope to add the ability to roll multiple dice at once. Making this app hasn’t been easy, so I hope you enjoy it and find it useful. If you want to download it, click here. Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

I'm considering Wear OS development

I'm considering Wear OS development 11/14/2019   Christmas is rapidly approaching! This year, the exciting new gadget that I'm asking for is a Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch. The Gen 5 isn't perfect, especially in the realm of battery life. However it's sleeker than the Apple Watch in my opinion, and it costs significantly less. I know that Apple limits smartwatches from other brands when paired to an iPhone, but it's a compromise I'm willing to make for a watch that excites me much more than Apple's offerings. Why not an Apple Watch? Due to the fact that most of the people reading this are fairly tech-savvy, I think I need to clearly present my motives for not pairing an Apple Watch with my iPhone 8. Here's a list of reasons why I like the Fossil Gen 5 better than the Apple Watch Series 4 and 5. ​ Google Assistant:  Wear OS has Google Assistant, whereas watchOS has the disappointing Siri. Yuck. Round design:  When you are going to be wearing a device all the t

Introducing ComplimentMe!

Introducing ComplimentMe! 11/10/2019   Feeling gloomy? Perhaps you could use a compliment! ComplimentMe is a positive mirror app. Essentially, you take a selfie and get a compliment for it. Everyone who I've shown it to has thought it was a lot of fun. Plus, it genuinely cheers you up! If you want to try it out or learn more, visit its page on  Google Play .  I hope you like ComplimentMe! A huge thank you to my sister for coming up with the idea.

PDF Toolbox has received a new update!

PDF Toolbox has received a new update! 11/7/2019   Hello, everyone! Good news: PDF Toolbox just got a new update. It fixes some bugs and improves the design of the program. While the changes are subtle, they are very important. For this reason, I'd seriously recommend updating to the latest version. If you want to check it out, visit the  PDF Toolbox  page. Enjoy!

Goals for November

Goals for November 11/4/2019   November is here! That means that I have some new goals for the month. Remember, these are my goals. Whether or not they’ll actually see the light of day is unknown. However, with any luck, they hopefully will. My goals: vtOS v1.1:  I have begun working on the next version of vtOS. I plan on adding some neat new features, so stay tuned! New  ​ Android App:  I have started working on my next Android app. It will take a photo of you and give your free compliments! Keep an eye out for more updates. Top-Secret Program:  I have a top-secret new program in the works. If it is released, it will be a really big deal. Unfortunately, that's all I can tell you about it at this point. With any luck, I'll start working on it soon. New UI for Writer:  ​If I have time, I hope to redesign Writer's user interface. While there's nothing wrong with it, it does feel a bit dated by today's standards. I hope to update the UI in the next major release if pos