Satin Web 5 is here!


Satin Web 5 is here!



It's finally here!

I am very happy to announce that Satin Web 5 is available for download! This has been a very time-consuming project, as I had to fix a whole lot of bugs. Thankfully, Satin Web 5 is much more stable than Satin Web 4, with only one known bug. This will be fixed with Satin Web 6, which will mainly be a bug fix update. Expect to see version 6 in the next few days.

What's new?

I have changed quite a few things with Satin Web 5. I've fixed many bugs, changed the design, and perfected tabbed browsing. It's far from perfect, but Satin Web 5 has fixed many of the issues that Satin Web 4 had. If you want to download the new Satin Web, click here.
A screenshot of Satin Web 5.

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