Plans for December

Plans for December


December is here, and Christmas is only 12 days away at press time! As a result, I have some more spare time than usual, meaning that I have quite a few plans for the rest of the month. Keep reading to learn more about them!
My Plans:
  • PDF Toolbox updates: PDF Toolbox is pretty awesome. However, I feel like the user interface could really use some work. I hope to update it sometime this month.
  • ComplimentMe updates: I hope to add some more compliments to ComplimentMe if I have time. I might consider making the user interface look a bit nicer too.
  • New Wear OS app: If I have any spare time after I work on all of my other projects, I will start working on a new Wear OS app. Keep an eye out for that!
As you can see, I have a lot of exciting plans this month! To stay up to date, you can follow Tectra on Twitter. Additionally, if I get enough people to sign up, I'll start the Tectra Insider Newsletter, which will give subscribers an exclusive look at what's going on at Tectra. Stay tuned!

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