Tectra Weekly Update 3/6/2019

Tectra Weekly Update 3/6/2019



Welcome back to the Weekly update!

Hello again! This has been a busy week at Tectra. I’ve released a new program, updated Lynx, and discontinued some familiar projects. Keep reading to learn more.


Last night, I released a program called ClipIMG. To learn more, you can take a look at the ClipIMG page.

Lynx 1.3

Lynx 1.3 was released earlier this week. It has introduced one major new feature, which is the commands box. This helps you keep track of what you have been working on. If you want to check it out, head over to the Lynx page.

Some unfortunate news

Earlier in the post, I mentioned that I had discontinued some familiar projects. I’ll explain why below.

Goodbye, Ember Defender and Tectra Business Suite

It might shock you that I discontinued Ember Defender and the Tectra Business Suite. Unfortunately, it has become quite clear that they are past their prime. They will no longer be updated from now on.

That’s all for now!

Believe it or not, I didn’t even cover everything new that happened at Tectra this week! However, I think I should end this post before it gets too long. Thanks for reading! See you next week!

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