Syndicate has received a new update!

Syndicate has received a new update!


Hello, everyone. I am excited to announce that Syndicate has received an exciting new update! Version 1.2 of Syndicate makes many improvements to the user interface and adds a few new features. Keep reading to learn more!
What's New:
  • Publish date - The date on which a post was published is now displayed.
  • Link - Syndicate now shows the link to a post.
  • Save as text file - You can now save your feeds as text files for offline use.
  • Enter button - The enter button can now be used in certain situations.
  • Delete key - The delete key will now remove feeds.
  • Invalid feed fix - If a feed is invalid, it won't break the program anymore.
  • Small improvements - We have made some other small improvements and bug fixes.
That's about it for this version of Syndicate! If you want to try it out, you should visit the Syndicate page. Enjoy!
Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

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