Which devices are compatible with PodStream?

Which devices are compatible with PodStream?


Greetings, everyone! With the release of PodStream just over the horizon, I thought I'd share a list of the iPods that are compatible with it. I hope you find this helpful!

Green: device is supported
Red: device is not supported

iPod Models

All supported iPods must be Windows formatted.
iPod 1st gen
Nano 1st gen
Mini 1st gen
iPod 2nd gen
Nano 2nd gen
Mini 2nd gen
iPod 3rd gen
Nano 3rd gen
iPod 4th gen (Monochrome)
Nano 4th gen
iPod 4th gen (Photo)
Nano 5th gen
iPod 5th/5.5 gen (Video)
Nano 6th gen
iPod Classic 6th/7th gen
Nano 7th gen
No iPod Touch or iPod Shuffle is supported by PodStream.

​I have tested PodStream with an iPod Nano 5th generation and an iPod 5g Video. However, PodStream should work with all of the supported models above.

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