An update on things...

An update on things...


Greetings, everyone! You may have noticed that Tectra hasn’t been very active lately. This is partly because I have started working on a new program for Windows called PodStream. It is a very cool project, but it is also very time-consuming to write. If you’re interested in learning more about PodStream, you should check out this Tweet.
I am also in the process of updating ComplimentMe. I am currently waiting for the update to be reviewed and approved by the Google Play team. Problem is, COVID-19 has caused review times to be a lot longer than usual, due to adjusted work schedules at Google. I’ll write a new post when the next version of ComplimentMe is approved and published to Google Play.
I apologize for Tectra’s inactivity. However, I have a feeling that things will start to pick up again shortly. Stay tuned for more updates!

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