PreBook v1.6.1 has been released!

Hey, everyone. To start off Palm Month, I have released yet another PreBook update! Once again, I have teamed up with codepoet80 to do so. This time, we've refreshed the UI, fixed some bugs, and have made PreBook even better than it was before!

What's new:

  • This update makes a ton of improvements to the user interface! Many menus and icons have been updated, and navigation controls are now arranged better.
  • Two new quick actions have been added that let you easily view your friends list and profile page!
  • Code refinements.
  • Many bug fixes and small tweaks.
As you can see, PreBook v1.6.1 definitely makes some exciting improvements and additions to the app, especially to its user interface! Overall, I'd say it's a pretty exciting update, and you can download it today from the PreBook GitHub page. Enjoy!

Here's a screenshot from version 1.6.1!

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