PreMail v1.1 is finally here!

Hey, everyone! As you may remember, last Palm Month, I released a little Gmail app for webOS that was based off of PreBook called PreMail. However, it hasn't really seen any updates since then. So, now that Palm Month 2021 is here, I've decided to do something about that and finally release a new update for it! Here's what's new in PreMail v1.1:

Open Source: First and foremost, PreMail's code is now open source! You can check out its GitHub repository to learn more.

Improved UI: If you've checked out the latest version of PreBook, PreMail's updated and improved UI will be familiar. PreMail does have some UI differences from its Facebook counterpart, but they do have lot in common.

Updated Guide: The basic mobile site for Gmail does have some quirks on webOS, so ever since its release, PreMail has featured a handy little user guide. In this update, it has been revamped to be more helpful!

Auto-Updater: Like PreBook, PreMail is now available in the webOS App Museum, and it also now features this service's auto-update functionality.

Version Info Page: Another feature copied over from PreBook is PreMail's new version info page! It will appear the first time you run the app after an update or installation and can be accessed after that from the app menu.

New Icon: PreMail has been given a new icon that better matches the webOS visual aesthetic.

Tweaks and Fixes: Finally, this update makes a ton of tweaks and fixes to the app. It should now work better on Pre 3 and TouchPad devices, and the app should be more stable, too.

As you can hopefully see, this PreMail update is certainly an exciting one! You can download it from my site or the PreMail repository. I hope you like it!

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