QuickLinks v1.1 is here!

QuickLinks v1.1 is here!


Hi, everyone! Lately, I've been working on some of my old Windows programs that haven't been updated in a while. As a result, I have decided to release an update for QuickLinks. Version 1.1 doesn't add a ton of new features. Rather, it focuses on perfecting the current ones. Keep reading to learn more!
What's new:
  • I have made it a lot easier to create definition files in QuickLinks. Making definition files is now a breeze!
  • This update improves the user interface in a pretty major way. For example, I have updated the color scheme to be more friendly and inviting. Nice!
  • I have added a new tab in the main user interface that helps you identify errors you may encounter when using QuickLinks. Pretty handy!
  • Bug fixes. Lots of them.
  • I have made a number of other small improvements that I'll let you discover for yourself!
This update might seem kind of minor, but it actually is very important. I have vastly improved the stability and user experience of QuickLinks. As a result, I would strongly recommend upgrading to the latest version of QuickLinks. On the other hand, if you haven't tried QuickLinks out yet, you totally should. It's really cool!
You can download QuickLinks v1.1 from the QuickLinks page. I hope you like it!
Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day!

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