Lynx Go v1.1 has been released!

Lynx Go v1.1 has been released!


Greetings, everyone! I have some good news... Lynx Go v1.1 is here! This update adds one huge new feature: the commands box. You can now track your drawing’s progress with this helpful tool! If you’ve ever used the online or Windows version of Lynx, you’ll know that the commands box is really cool. It’s awesome that you can now use it on mobile devices! As always, Lynx Go is available for download here.
In other news, I have begun working on a new project. I have a dead iPod 5th generation (Video) that I’m going to revive! I’ve included a photo of my progress so far.
If I’m lucky, I’ll have an operating iPod Video (again) by next week. Stay tuned for more updates!
I hope enjoyed today’s post! Thanks for reading, and have a good day.

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