Introducing GoFrench!

Introducing GoFrench!


My mother -- who is a French teacher -- mentioned two of her favorite resources for students one day. They were WordReference and Linguee. She explained that WordReference gave better definitions for words while Linguee provided better definitions for terms or multiple words. That got me thinking: what if I made a website that sent a user to either source depending on what they wrote? For single words, it would direct you to WordReference. For terms or multiple words, it would send you to Linguee.
GoFrench is the website mentioned above, and functions just like it was described. As a student, I know that many of my peers are fond of things that are easy. GoFrench provides the best definition for a word without having to dig too much. Much of the process is automated, something that students will find helpful.

GoFrench is free, and always will be. There are no ads whatsoever. This is because I want this to be a simple, easy-to-use tool that does not distract students. I hope that you find GoFrench useful. Enjoy!

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