Huge update for Tectra Writer

Huge update for Tectra Writer


On paper, version 1.7 of the Tectra Writer may seem like yet another incremental upgrade. However, this is not the case. Version 1.7 introduces many exciting new features that enhance the user experience.

What's new

Numbered lines: Tectra Writer now has numbered lines! This feature is optional but can be beneficial if one is programming.
The Tectra Writer file: This is a proprietary file type that saves the text you have written and the selected font. It is somewhere in between plain text and rich text files if you find that helpful.
Text-to-image: You can now convert the text you have written into an image. Pretty handy!
Save improvements: This update improves the save feature in many ways.
Theme improvements: Tectra Writer's 3 built-in themes look a lot nicer now! Writer also remembers the theme you last selected. You won't have to set it every time you start the program anymore.
Toggle word count visibility: You can easily adjust the visibility of the word count now.
Icon updates: Several of the icons have been updated. They look really nice!
Bug fixes: This update fixes quite a few pesky bugs. Hooray!

Wow! That's a big update! I hope you enjoy the new features that have been introduced. If you want to download version 1.7 of the Tectra Writer, click here. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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