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Weird Cars I (Really) Want

Hey, y’all. Today, we’re talking about cars again. Good thing they’re super neat! This time, we’re going to discuss 5 exceedingly strange cars that I want to own. I should clarify that these cars were not necessarily ugly or strange at the time they were released, but they’re not particularly pleasant to look at or own now. So, let’s dive in.

Fiat 126

This car is absolutely abysmal. It’s been covered by a lot of big YouTube channels, and it is so ridiculously underpowered that I can’t help but admire it. Having 2 cylinders in a “proper” car is hilarious to me, and I would love to see how terrible the acceleration is. I also enjoy how basic and barren the interior is and that the engine is located in the back. You can tell that this car was not made for Americans. I know that it’s probably a very deadly ride, but I want a 126 regardless. There’s no helping it. The desire will not go away.

Is friend.

PT Cruiser Convertible

To begin, I am not a Chrysler fan… or a PT Cruiser fan. That said, there’s something so delightfully terrible about the concept of a PT Cruiser convertible that I (for some sick, twisted reason) really want one. It’s an old lady car that I’d love to roll up to events in. The only particularly special thing about it is how ugly it looks, but that’s enough for me.

Who actually bought this??

Toyota Previa

I first saw one of these things in Breaking Bad and holy mackerel, it’s hideous! It’s a bizarre egg of a minivan with (you guessed it) lots of quirks and features. There’s something so weird to me about mid-engine cars, and using this design in one of the goofiest-looking minivans of all time is weirdly intriguing. It’s impressively freaky, so it’s earned my respect. Side note: An Oldsmobile Silhouette would also fill the Previa-shaped hole in my life.

Hey babe, wanna go on a date in the space egg?

Honda Accord Wagon

This one is less ugly than the Previa and PT, but it’s not at all pretty. I’m very used to Accords being sedans or coupes, so an Accord in a wagon form factor is extremely unusual to me. They’re also very hard to find on the road, which I suppose adds a bit of mysterious allure to this odd nugget of automotive history. Above all else, I think it would be the perfect partner for my 2009 Accord sedan. I NEED it.

I’d name him Steve.

Pontiac Aztek

I saved the ugliest for last. Damn, this thing is hideous. I’m not an SUV (or GM) guy by any means, but the Aztek is an exception because it manages to combine utility with freakish design like no other. Sure, people may think that I’m one of Albaqurque’s biggest criminals if I get one, but it’s also the king of the nuggets. I want one so badly… If only. :’(

Actually terrifying, it haunts my dreams.

So, that’s my list of quirky cars that I’d love to own someday. If someone wants to make a charitable donation (wink) of one of these buckets, do not hesitate to contact me. Just keep in mind that I’m broke, so it would be a DONATION, not a purchase. I know that no one in their right mind would actually do that, but with that said, I hope this post was at least mildly entertaining. Thanks for reading.

Update: When I was making this list, I completely forgot to mention the first generation Honda Insight. I’ve seen one around lately and I want it almost as much as I want an Aztek. I am very sorry for excluding this absolute legend of a car, and I hope you’ll forgive me.

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