The Quintessential Pebble

I've been wearing my Pebble Time Steel a lot lately. I have all the different models of Pebbles and each certainly has its own pros and cons. Time Steel's main cons are that it's heavy and expensive. However, its pros far outnumber its cons. It's built like a tank, has incredible battery life, features an awesome 64-color screen, and basically offers the definitive Pebble experience. That said, if I had to pick my second favorite Pebble, it would likely be the Time Round. If that watch had better endurance, it would likely be my favorite Pebble. Admittedly, other Pebble models such as the Pebble 2 and standard Time are quite nice in their own rights, but the Time Steel feels like a watch that means business. It strives to be the absolute best Pebble it could be and achieves this. Thus, though I do adore all the Pebble models, the Time Steel is what I would consider the quintessential Pebble. If the Pebble Time 2 had been released, though... Well, that would be a different story.

Be sure to check out my new Pebble watchfaces, by the way!

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