The biggest update to Lynx yet!

The biggest update to Lynx yet!


Version 1.8 of Lynx is here! This is a huge update. I have added a ton of features that make Lynx a much more capable drawing tool! I am very excited about this update, and I would highly recommend checking it out. Keep reading to learn more!
Lynx 1.8 introduces a bunch of new features. I'll sum them up in the list below.
What's New:
  • Filled rectangles and ellipses - You can now draw filled rectangles and ellipses in the Lynx editor! This is a really nice feature to have when making artwork.
  • Small improvements - While small improvements might not be super exciting, they are really nice to have! Lynx 1.8 improves upon a number of things and makes drawing a lot easier and more fun.
  • Bug fixes - We've brutally squashed several bugs in Lynx 1.8. Hooray!
Here are some drawings that my family and I managed to make when playing around with filled rectangles and ellipses.
John's attempt at drawing a tree.
A moon over an ocean.

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