Satin Web 12 has been released!

Satin Web 12 has been released!


Satin Web keeps getting better! In the latest version, Satin Web 12, I have fixed many annoying bugs, improved the user interface, and added a really neat new feature. Keep reading to learn more.
Have you ever wanted your browser to stay in front of other windows? Now it can, with Satin Web 12! I have to admit, this is a really handy feature. It's interesting that other browsers don't have such a useful feature!
Satin Web 12 also makes improvements to readability. The font has been made much larger to reduce eye strain.
Finally, this update fixes several bugs. Satin Web has gotten a lot more stable and efficient in this update.
Satin Web 12 is not a huge update. It's not a super exciting update either. However, incremental updates like this allow me to make Satin Web even better, bit by bit. Thanks for reading! If you want to get the new version of Satin Web, click here.

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