The Tectra Sidebar just got a design overhaul!

The Tectra Sidebar just got a design overhaul!


When I created the Tectra Sidebar, I mainly focused on features and compatibility. The design was not my top priority. However, that has changed with the latest update to the Tectra Sidebar, version 1.2. This update improves the Sidebar's design, introduces a new way to customize it, and adds a handy new feature. Keep reading to learn more!

Design improvements

The Tectra Sidebar has gotten several design improvements in this update. It now uses a nicer font and has flat buttons. I have to admit, the Sidebar looks really nice!


You can now change the color of the top panel in the Sidebar. Make it unique!

Always on top mode

When you enable always on top mode, the Sidebar will stay in front of other Windows. Pretty handy if you're viewing something in the browser!

Bug fixes

This update fixes a few small bugs. Yay!
A screenshot of the Tectra Sidebar.

Closing remarks

The Tectra Sidebar keeps getting better and better! Keep an eye out for future updates, as they will be coming soon. I hope you enjoy version 1.2 of the Tectra Sidebar. You can check it out here. Thanks for reading!

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