Writer v1.9 is here, and it's really neat!

Writer v1.9 is here, and it's really neat!


Hello, everyone! Tectra Writer v1.9 is here! This update makes some notable improvements and fixes a huge bug that has plagued Writer since its launch. Keep reading to learn more!
What's new:
  • Look up words: Need to look up some specific text in your document? Just highlight it and press the lookup button or CTRL+L! This will search Google for your selection.
  • Check for plagiarism: This feature allows you to check the current document for plagiarism. Pretty handy!
  • Find and replace: I've been needing to add these features for a while. They are here now and they work as intended. This was definitely a worthwhile addition to Writer!
  • Bug fixes: This update fixes quite a few bugs. Most notably, the infamous printing bug. In previous releases, Writer wouldn't wrap text when it printed a document. Fear not, that bug has been brutally squashed alongside a few others!
That's about all that's new in version 1.9. It's truly amazing just how much Writer has grown up over the last few months! Stay tuned for more updates!

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