John's Very Tiny Operating System

John's Very Tiny Operating System


At some point or another, most programmers want to make their own operating system. I'm no exception, as I've wanted to create my own OS for a long time now. After many hours of coding, I'm excited to announce that my dream of an operating system is finally a reality and available for download! I call it John Spahr's vtOS (Very Tiny Operating System).
Those of you who are subscribed to Tectra's YouTube channel will know that vtOS has been in the works for a little while now. You'll also be aware of what apps come with it and their limitations. However, what you might not know is that vtOS only takes up 21 megabytes of storage. For some comparison, that's equivalent to 0.021 gigabytes.
Furthermore, vtOS is unique in that it runs completely off a flash drive. It leaves no trace, nor does it remove your current operating system. Reboot your PC and everything is back to normal.
What's the point of vtOS? Well, there isn't really one. Rather, it's meant to be a fun thing to experiment with and explore. For example, it could be fun to see if it runs on a 20-year-old computer in your collection and how well it works. Alternatively, you could try running vtOS on cutting-edge hardware. The possibilities are nearly endless.
Even if you don't have a machine to test it on, I'd encourage you to try running it in a virtual machine. There are a lot of cool features to try out!
In conclusion, vtOS is a fun little operating system that has quite a few neat features. While I don't intend on having it be a major project, I do hope to periodically update it throughout the coming months. Stay tuned for more updates and news!
If you want to try out vtOS, click here. I hope you like it!
John's Very Tiny Operating System

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