Plans for October

Plans for October


I'll admit, it is a bit late to release my plans for the month. However, I feel that it's still worthwhile, as I have a few exciting things planned. Keep reading to learn more!
First and foremost, I hope to update my Compass & Barometer app. I want to add text to speech functionality. Keep an eye out for that!
Next, I have a few cool ideas for the next release of Octua. For example, I hope to add the ability to reopen closed tabs and easily block ads.
Finally, I intend on releasing a version of my operating system, John's Very Tiny OS. You can visit the Tectra YouTube channel to learn more about vtOS. I look forward to releasing it!
Keep in mind, none of these plans are definitely going to happen. However, I suspect that most of them, if not all, will be met by the end of the month. Stay tuned!

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