Happy Birthday, Tectra Blog!

Happy Birthday, Tectra Blog!


A week ago, I got an email from Weebly telling me that my domain was going to renew for the third time. To think that this website is approaching three years old amazes me. I started this website with very little knowledge of coding, yet it has now become home to over 30 different apps and programs. That in itself is pretty amazing.

The Early Days

Tectra wasn't always so active, though. There was a time when I was only offering 3 programs for download, all of which weren't particularly amazing in the quality department.
However, by the time Tectra was approaching mid-2018, things were becoming pretty depressing. Asides from the occasional update, there wasn't much to see here. At that time, Tectra didn't have any form of a blog. Most of the time, you wouldn't even notice that a new update had been released. Tectra has some serious problems.
Unfortunately, the situation only got worse. Tectra became an empty wasteland towards the end of 2018. With the failure of Eclipse, it seemed like Tectra had come to its end. However, this all changed in February of 2019.

The Blog

Creating the blog saved Tectra. It motivated me. It became a personal diary where I recorded my achievements. I had my struggles and my successes, but I knew that the blog would be there when I needed it. I spent hours writing about my creations. As I'm writing this, over 130 blog posts have been published on this website. That's pretty insane.

Creative Outlet

Lynx is one of Tectra's most iconic programs. Without the blog, it wouldn't exist. Nor would Octua. Or PDF Toolbox. The blog saved Tectra from death. It also inspired to create many of the programs that define Tectra today. To be honest, the blog is my creative outlet of sorts. It's where I can brainstorm, share my accomplishments, and write about my ideas. It inspires me. As a result, writing posts for it is one of my favorite things to do.


It's crazy to think that I've been regularly writing on this blog for a whole year now. I have written at least 2 posts every month. I have even written posts when I was very sick. I am not just dedicated to the blog, but Tectra as a whole. It's my online home of sorts. It's where I share what I'm most proud of: my software.
Happy birthday, Tectra Blog. I plan on writing posts for many more years to come. Thanks for saving Tectra.
I would also like to thank you, the reader. Your support helps Tectra through its highs and its lows. If you want to see more posts like this, let me know. Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day!

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