The next generation of PDF Toolbox.

The next generation of PDF Toolbox.


Tectra Writer 1.7 was released last year and redefined what Writer was at the time. It added a ton of new features that were very useful. PDF Toolbox v1.3 might not be quite as major of an update as Tectra Writer v1.7, but it does come pretty close. Gone is the boring user interface, replaced by a beautiful new material design. Better yet, features have been added, refined, and improved. Put simply, PDF Toolbox v1.3 is a huge update that Tectra hasn't seen the likes of since last year.
What's new:
  • Material design: PDF Toolbox has an amazing new material design. Gone is the boring, somewhat complicated, user interface. The material design mixes a dark color palette with tasteful animations, making PDF Toolbox look and feel very modern.
  • HTML to PDF: This feature is still in the works, but you can now convert basic HTML files to PDF files. It's a work in progress, but it's still pretty neat!
  • Create multiple blank pages: You can now create more than one blank PDF page. This means that you can (in theory) edit PDF files at no cost by using PDF Toolbox and Adobe Acrobat's fill and sign feature. Sweet!
  • New icon: The old icon for PDF Toolbox was mediocre at best. I have replaced it with a new logo that I designed myself! Personally, I think it looks a lot nicer now.
  • Improved splitting PDF files: I have made it a lot easier to split PDF files. You can change the file and save paths before converting it now. Handy!
  • Bug fixes: As usual, I have fixed a number of bugs.
It's amazing just how far PDF Toolbox has come. It went from being a basic program that could merge PDF files to a whole suite of useful utilities. It truly has grown up a lot!
If you want to check out the next generation of PDF Toolbox, you can visit this link. I hope you like it!

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