Introducing PDF Toolbox v1.4.0!

Introducing PDF Toolbox v1.4.0!


With summer break rapidly approaching its end and school beginning in less than a week, I've made it a priority to get as much programming stuff done as I can. Today, I have released a new update for PDF Toolbox: version 1.4.0.
What's new:
  • Compress PDF: This new feature allows you to slightly reduce the quality of images in a PDF to decrease its file size.
  • Remove Page(s): Have a few pages in a PDF that you need to get rid of? PDF Toolbox now lets you do just that!
  • UI Improvements: I have made some improvements to the user interface in this update.
  • The Other Stuff: I have tidied up the code (a bit) and fixed a few annoying bugs.
That's about it for PDF Toolbox v1.4.0. You can check it out on GitHub or the PDF Toolbox page. I hope you like it!

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