PodStream v1.1 is here!

PodStream v1.1 is here!


Hey, everyone! I know I have been working a lot on Windows Forms stuff lately, but there was one last Windows program that I wanted to release a major update for before I returned to school: PodStream. So, that's what I did!
PodStream v1.1 is a pretty minor update, but it does make some important improvements. These include:
  • UI updates: I must admit, PodStream's original user interface was pretty bland. However, in this update, I have made it much more visually appealing. Most (if not all) of the buttons now have icons, and I have switched to a more flat design. Neat!
  • Backup and restore: I have added a new feature that lets you backup and restore your calendars, contacts, and notes on your iPod. It's pretty simple: all it does is copy the directories on your iPod to your computer for the backup and vice-versa for the restore. However, it's pretty handy and saves a decent bit of time!
  • Bug fixes and fine-tuning: This update also fixes some bugs and makes some other small but nice improvements.
That's about all there is to say about PodStream v1.1! It's not the most exciting update ever, but it still makes some important improvements.

You can check version 1.1 out at the PodStream page. Enjoy!

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