SpeechLab finally got a new update! ...or two

SpeechLab finally got a new update! ...or two


Hi, everyone! Over the last few months, I have been working on improving some of my older Android apps that haven't aged as well as I would have hoped. While I was able to cover almost everything, there still was one app I needed to work on: SpeechLab.

Some background information

I wouldn't say that SpeechLab has aged terribly, but it's not like it has aged super well either. You see, I released SpeechLab way back in the fall of 2019. Not only was that a long time ago, but it feels a lot longer given all that has happened in the mess of a year that is 2020. Anyway, this was at a time when I was still new to writing Android apps, so there were definitely some stupid decisions I made when writing SpeechLab because I didn't know better at the time.

There were quite a few issues I had with SpeechLab. For one, the user interface felt clunky. Rather than using sliders for the volume and pitch of the artificial voice, I thought it would be a great idea to use pickers instead... I am just as confused as you are.

Not only did this prevent fine-tuning of the voice in a major way, but it felt extremely clunky and messy. Thankfully, I have replaced the pickers with sliders, which I definitely should have been doing since the beginning.

Of course, that wasn't the only thing I improved in this update. There were numerous bugs that needed fixing too. I also made a much better app icon! Put simply, I have made a ton of improvements: some major and some minor.

What about the "...or two" thing?

I released two updates for SpeechLab. The first one was the main update with all the added features and the new icon. The second one was essentially a bug fix update that made a few small improvements to the app that I forgot to do before releasing the first update.

The conclusion...

I probably should have updated SpeechLab sooner, but I'm glad I finally got around to it, even if I was a bit late. I must say, I've actually had a ton of fun working on these new updates for it!

Anyway, I hope you like the new and improved SpeechLab. You can check it out here!
The new user interface!

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