How I am going to handle paid apps...

How I am going to handle paid apps...


A few days ago, I announced that I would hopefully be releasing my first paid app soon. This is the beginning of a new era for Tectra, but some things will always remain the same:
  • No ads, subscription services, or in-app purchases: I hate how ads and in-app purchases are in most apps these days. As a result, I have no intention to put either of these in any of my apps, as I understand that they make the user experience a lot less pleasant. In the case of my new Android app, there will be a one-time fee of $0.99, and that'll be it. There won't be a premium version, subscription service, or anything like that.
  • I respect your privacy: never collect any personal information, no matter what. About the only data I collect is app crash reports through the Google Play Console. I respect your privacy, and I don't want people to feel unsafe using my software. This has been how I've run Tectra in the past, and I fully intend to keep running it that way.
  • I'm stilling doing this for fun: At the end of the day, I'm still running Tectra for fun. Most of the money I will get from paid apps will be used to fund future projects.

In conclusion, I just wanted to be clear that I'm only going to be charging $0.99 for this new app. There haven't been, and won't be any hidden costs, in-app purchases, or anything like that in any of my apps.

​Anyway, I hope this post answers any questions you might have had about this new era for Tectra, and have a great day!

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