Update your moral compass!

Update your moral compass!


Earlier this evening, I was looking at some of my old Windows programs when I found something I had mostly forgotten about. It was a program I wrote as a joke nearly a year ago, and it's surprisingly still quite entertaining! Meet the Moral Compass Updater.


​The Moral Compass Updater is very simple. You press a button, and it gives you some tips to think about in the future before you act. It's not particularly useful, and it gives you the same tips every time you use it, but it still amuses me whenever I try it out. The people I've shown it to have found it funny as well, so it's not just me!

It's very silly, but if you want to try out the Moral Compass Updater, you can download it here. I hope you like it! (even if it doesn't really serve much of a purpose)

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