What's going on?

What's going on?


A little while back, I wrote a post about how a new era had begun for Tectra. However, to be able to move on from the Tectra of old, I realized that I was going to have to kill off some of my older projects. That is why many of my programs have disappeared or been moved to the archives in the last few weeks.
Why do I feel the need to phase out some of my older projects? To make a long story short, I had a lot of projects that I had to maintain. However, a lot of them suffered from lack of polish, too many features, and/or not serving much of a purpose.

I found that a lot of my older programs simply weren't worth maintaining for one reason or another, and I realized to begin this new era in Tectra software, I would have to make some room for new things. It is for this reason that programs such as Writer, Lynx for Windows, and Octua have been discontinued.

Am I sad to kill off these old projects? Surprisingly enough, not really. I know that they are past their prime, and they need to be replaced by newer, better software. However, these old programs will always have a place in my heart, even if they do have some problems.

Anyway, I hope this clears things up and explains what has been going on lately. Don't worry: Tectra is still doing great!

Thanks for reading, and have a good day!

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