Introducing Lynx Desktop Nova!

Introducing Lynx Desktop Nova!


A few days ago, I revealed that I was working on a new desktop editor for Lynx. The Windows editor was really starting to show its age, and I thought that an updated version of Lynx could be a great idea for my first Electron app. So, that led me to create Lynx Desktop Nova!

Lynx Desktop Nova for Windows
What's new?
This version of Lynx adds a ton of exciting new features, such as undo/redo buttons, the ability to hide the log, inserting images, and more! I already covered a lot of the new features in my previous post, so you can read more about them there.

Neat! Is it coming to macOS and Linux?
I hope to release Nova for macOS and Linux eventually. However, I'm mainly going to be focusing on the Windows version for now, as I want to iron out some of the bugs before I start releasing it on more platforms.

What about the Lynx Online Editor?
I hope to replace the current online editor with the Nova editor pretty soon! Like I said before, I just want to make I've fixed most of Nova's major bugs and annoyances before I start releasing it for other platforms than Windows. Thankfully, because I used Electron to make the new editor, it should be pretty easy to replace the current online editor with the Nova editor when the time comes!

Anyway, I hope that clears up some of the questions you may have about the new version of Lynx, and I hope you're excited to try it out!

Lynx Desktop Nova is now available for download on the all-new Lynx page. Enjoy!

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