QuickLinks v1.2 has been released!

QuickLinks v1.2 has been released!


It's been a little while since I updated QuickLinks. As a result, I am excited to announce that a new version, v1.2, has been released! This update makes several improvements to the user interface and overall experience. In this post, I'll cover the biggest changes that come with this update, so keep reading to learn more!

Updated user interface

One of the biggest changes I have made in this update is the user interface. I'll admit, up until now, QuickLinks has had a pretty boring UI. As a result, in this update, I have made some major changes and improvements to it! You can see some of them in the slideshow below.
I have also improved the definition file editor UI a lot. The icons help it look a lot nicer now!

QuickLinks now appears in the bottom-right corner of your primary screen. I think it makes sense to have QuickLinks located near the notification area, and I think it looks quite nice

Small improvements
This update also makes a lot of small improvements to the QuickLinks experience. It's easier than ever to identify errors, create QuickLinks, and edit definition files. To be honest, this update just makes things a lot easier.

Check it out

You can get QuickLinks v1.2 from the QuickLinks page. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy QuickLinks v1.2!

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