SpeechLab Wear is here!

SpeechLab Wear is here!


Happy Scary Month, everyone! To kick off October 2020, I am excited to announce that I have released a new Wear OS app. This new app is called SpeechLab Wear, and it’s a text-to-speech app for your smartwatch!
What makes this particularly exciting is that I believe that this is one of (if not) the first TTS apps for Wear OS on the Play Store, at least available in the United States!

​Like its Android counterpart, SpeechLab Wear has a simple but useful user interface. You can easily enter text and have the artificial voice say it back to you, but the functionality doesn’t end there.

If you swipe up, you can access a handy little drawer that has several commonly used words and phrases. If you want to say “Hello” for example, you can swipe up and tap the “Hello” button. It’s simple and it saves time!
SpeechLab Wear is now available on the Play Store! Thanks for reading, and I hope you like this new app.

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